Sky Ocean—Newest release from KA-KU


Sky Ocean
Price: ¥16,200 including tax
Release date: February 21st, 2019 (Thursday)
Limited to 88
Nib: 14k gold, medium size
Nib finish: rhodium plate
Nib sizes: EF, F, MF, M, B
Body size φ17.5 x 135 mm
Metal parts are done in a nickel chrome plating finish.

KA-KU is a stationary chain located in southern Japan. There are locations in Fukuoka, Nara, and Osaka. KA-KU means “to write” in Japanese. See here for a list of other KA-KU LE Sailor pens.


Kingdom Note: Kyoyasai (Kyoto Vegetables)

Kingdom Note is a store in Tokyo which specializes in the buying and selling of writing utensils, as well as repair services. The Kyoyasai Collection is a joint venture by Kingdom Note and Sailor. It is inspired by vegetables from the Kyoto area. The series was originally released in 2016-2017, with six different colours. In early 2018, Kingdom Note announced the plan to re-released the original six colours, with an additional four new colours. See the re-release schedule here.

This post is incomplete—there are two more colours, yet to be released. Post last updated on March 9th, 2019.

Kingdom_Note_kyoyasai_lp_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 1st Edition <Summer>

Kingdom_Note_160925_akiyasai_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 2nd Edition <Autumn>

Kingdom_Note_fuyuyasai_LP_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 3rd Edition <Winter>

Kingdom_Note_haruyasai_LP_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 4th Edition <Spring>


Ca.Crea Premium Cross × Sailor Profit Junior Limited Edition Set (and where to buy it!)


This is a collaboration between PLUS and Sailor. Each set includes a Ca.Crea Premium Cross notebook, a Sailor Profit Junior, and a 20ml bottle of dye ink. The sets come in three colours: navy, pink, and purple.



The notebook is designed for writing with fountain pens. It opens flat and is 1/3 of an A4 paper in size. (A4 is slightly longer than the letter size standard in North America.)

The pen nib is a MF size which suits beginners, and it features an original design that is not found in other Sailor Profit Juniors. Navy features a Mt. Fuji logo, pink features a cherry blossom logo, and the purple features a origami crane logo which symbolizes hope and good wishes.

How to buy?

Each set retails for 5,500 JPY (prices exclude tax/shipping/duties), and you can buy directly from Amazon Japan. This is a great, because buying through AmazonGlobal means:

  1. No 8% Japanese sales tax
  2. Courier shipping at reasonable rates
  3. DDP—no surprises at the door!

Sailor also sells it on their web store as well.

To buy or not to buy?

All three items in the set are sold separately on Amazon Japan at a cheaper price (prices exclude shipping/duties).

Just looking at the price, it may be cheaper to buy the items separately. Considering that Amazon prices often fluctuate, you can buy the above items at a discounted rate. However, there are unique points to the set, such as the matching colouring to all three items, as well as the special nib design. The set is also packaged in a gift box, which makes it easy for gifting purposes.


Will you buy a set? ☺️

This marks the first of the many collaboration between PLUS and Sailor. Excited to see what’s next!

Review: Sailor Usagiya 2017 LE Touka


I must confess—I purchased Touka for admiration purposes only. Touka’s pearl pink shine is alluring in a way that I cannot refuse, even if it meant instant noodles for the remainder of the month. The rose gold plating in the metal parts also add an extra layer of softness. The 14k nib offers a slightly firmer hand which suits my heavy-handedness. (Not that I will be using this at work.)


桃花 – touka –
Peach Blossom
Limited to 160
Year: November 3rd, 2017
Price: 16,000 yen (excluding tax)
Nib: EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, MS
Size: Ø 17 × 124 mm
Metal part: pink gold plating finish
Cap / Barrel: PMMA resin / pearl pink
Other parts: PMMA resin / white

See a list of all Usagiya LE pens over here.

Where to buy?

Usagiya is located in the Okayama prefecture, and as far as I know, they do not accept mail orders. Unless you hire an agent who can go into the stores to buy it for you, your second best bet would be Yahoo! Auctions. However, waiting for it to show up might take a very long while.

Similar-ish Pens

(Sold out) Sailor Hougado Pro Gear Slim SAKURASailor Pentonote Pro Gear Realo Yuki no Shita De, Sailor Usagiya Pro Gear Hanakasumi.


(Still available) Sailor Lecoule Collection Fountain Pen Rose QuartzSailor Shikiori Hisakata Fountain Pen Pink SakuraSailor Shikiori Tsukuyo-no-Minamo Fountain Pen Pink Yozakura.

I hope that this was a satisfactory review… Still trying to figure how to go about doing this.

Until next time!

“Nonble Ice Blue” and “Nonble Night Blue”—Newest from NBC

Kinokuniya NBC NONBLE Fountain Pen_headimgKinokuniya NBC NONBLE Fountain Pen_01Kinokuniya NBC NONBLE Fountain Pen_02

NBCオリジナル万年筆『NONBLE アイスブルー』『NONBLE ナイトブルー』 

Kinokuniya NBC “NONBLE” Fountain Pens—”Ice Blue” “Night Blue”
Limited to 100 each
Release date: December 7, 2018 (Friday)
Price: ¥ 19,440 (including tax)
Nib type: 14 gold, medium size
Nib plating: Ice Blue—No plating, Night Blue—Rhodium plating
Nib size: EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, MS
Cap / Barrel: PMMA resin in clear light blue/clear white/clear navy
Cap decoration: PMMA resin in black, original logo
Metal parts: Gold plating/nickel chrome plating finish
Body size: φ17 x 124 mm
Pen tip features an original design.

NBC is a subsidiary of Kinokuniya Books. More photos here and here.

Kingdom Note: The Tale of Genji Series

Kingdom Note is a store in Tokyo which specializes in the buying and selling of writing utensils, as well as repair services. This collection is inspired by seven female characters from The Tale of Genji. Post last updated on November 11th, 2018.

Sailor Kingdom Note Limited Edition Tales of Genji Tamakazura_1

SAILOR セーラー 万年筆 キングダムノート別注 源氏物語シリーズ 第一弾 玉鬘(たまかずら)
Tamakazura “Jeweled Chaplet”
Inks: 山吹の細長、瑠璃君
Price: ¥42,120 including tax
Release date: April 2017
Material: Resin
Nib: 21k gold
Size: 150mm × 16mm (not including the clip)
Weight: 21g
Character Description: Tamakazura – A daughter of Tō No Chūjō and a lady called Yugao, who was later a concubine of Genji. Tamakazura is adopted by Genji. She wants to meet her real father, who doesn’t know she is still alive. Genji forms a salon for her admirers. He takes pleasure in watching young men compete for Tamakazura’s favor. Her brothers, sons of Tō No Chūjō, are involved, not knowing that she is their sister. Genji himself flirts with her, just to see her reaction. Later, she and Tō No Chūjō meet again by the courtesy of Genji. Genji plans to marry her well, but she is raped by a middle-aged courtier and becomes his wife instead. (Wikpedia)


George’s Latte—Newest LE from Usagiya

Sailor Usagiya LE Fountain Pen - George's Latte 00Sailor Usagiya LE Fountain Pen - George's Latte 01Sailor Usagiya LE Fountain Pen - George's Latte 02Sailor Usagiya LE Fountain Pen - George's Latte 03

ジョルジュラパン オリジナル万年筆『ジョルジュラテ』
Georges Lapin “Georges Latte”
Limited to 130
Release date: October 30th, 2018 (Tue)
Price: ¥20,520 (including tax)
Nib type: 14 gold, medium size
Nib size: EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, MS
Cap / Barrel: PMMA resin in brown with lame / clear ivory
Cap decoration: PMMA resin in black, original logo
Metal parts: Gold plated finish
Body size: φ17 x 124 mm

Georges Lapin is a cafe operated by Usagiya. The logo is an original design—ears on the letter “g” as a reference to the cafe’s name. Usagiya products are only available through their store or sometimes their Rakuten online store. See the rest of the Usagiya limited editions here.