“Nonble Ice Blue” and “Nonble Night Blue”—Newest from NBC

Kinokuniya NBC NONBLE Fountain Pen_headimgKinokuniya NBC NONBLE Fountain Pen_01Kinokuniya NBC NONBLE Fountain Pen_02

NBCオリジナル万年筆『NONBLE アイスブルー』『NONBLE ナイトブルー』 

Kinokuniya NBC “NONBLE” Fountain Pens—”Ice Blue” “Night Blue”
Limited to 100 each
Release date: December 7, 2018 (Friday)
Price: ¥ 19,440 (including tax)
Nib type: 14 gold, medium size
Nib plating: Ice Blue—No plating, Night Blue—Rhodium plating
Nib size: EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, MS
Cap / Barrel: PMMA resin in clear light blue/clear white/clear navy
Cap decoration: PMMA resin in black, original logo
Metal parts: Gold plating/nickel chrome plating finish
Body size: φ17 x 124 mm
Pen tip features an original design.

NBC is a subsidiary of Kinokuniya Books. More photos here and here.