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Sango Coral Reef—Newest LE from Usagiya

Usagiya 2020 Limited Edition Sango Coral Reef Pink 00

Coral Reefs
Limited to 130
Release date: April 13th, 2020
Price: ¥17,000 (excluding tax)
Nib type: 14 gold, medium size
Nib size: EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, MS
Barrel / Cap: PMMA resin in clear pink with lame / white
Cap decoration: Original logo
Metal parts: Gold plated finish
Body size: φ17 x 124 mm

You can buy it on Usagiya’s web store here. The store is Japan-only, so for folks who are outside of Japan, a deputy service is required.

Kure Azur—The 2020 Release of the Sailor Cocktail Series

Sailor Cocktail Series 2020 Kure Azur

Price: ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax)
Release date: September 27th, 2020
Limited number: 1800 pcs
Nib type: 21k gold, large size
Nib finish: two-tone
Nib size: MF, M
Metal parts: Gold IP plated finish
Body size: φ18 x 129 mm
Body weight: 21.6g

Where to buy?
I have not seen it for sale yet. The release will be Japan-only. If you live outside of Japan, you might need to consider hiring a shopping deputy service. Click here to see a full line-up of The Cocktail Series.

Post last updated on July 13th, 2020.

Sailor Cocktail Series 10th Anniversary Set—Made to Order

Sailor 2020 Cocktail Series 10th Anniversary Set


To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Cocktail Series, Sailor is releasing a special set of the entire line-up.  The set will be made to order. The preorder period is from July 25th, 2020 to August 25th, 2020. Delivery is scheduled to be on October 25th, 2020. Nibs are 21k, with a choice of F, MF, or M. The set will come with 10 pens, 1 display case (clear), 1 collection case (black), 12 ink cartridges, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 manual, and 1 warranty card. This is a Japan-only release. (Please see update at the bottom of the post.)

Total price: 286,000 JPY (including tax)

See the entire line-up of the Sailor Cocktail Series here.

You can purchase it from these vendors in Japan. You’ll need a deputy service.

You can also purchase it from Nagasawa directly.

August 11, 2020 Update

Great news! The set is available outside of Japan as well. You can purchase the set from the following American vendors for $2720:

Disclaimer: LEPENS is not affiliated with any of the above vendors.

Gimel x Sailor—Beauty Beyond Time

Today, we will talk about the most expensive fountain pen in Japan.

In 2011, Sailor Fountain Pens had joined jewellery brand Gimel in creating a series of diamond-studded fountain pens. The Sailor and Gimel collaboration was made with the intention of expressing the individuality of the pen holder. The release featured a total of eight fountain pens, including two fountain pens with elaborate pave setting on the entire surface, and six fountain pens with natural motif jewelry ornaments made with attention to detail in the clip part.

According to the company, the 52,500,000 JPY price was the highest priced product from a domestic manufacturer. Retailers had one in stock, with additional pens available in a made to order by hand format.


The Gimel Fountain Pen (52,500,000 JPY) uses diamond (47.841ct) and blue diamond (6.530ct.).

The Welcome to a Brilliant Forest Series series:

“Queen of the morning dew” (52,500,000 JPY) uses diamonds (4.987 ct).

“Snail” (1,260,000 JPY) uses tourmaline (2.273 ct), diamond (0.159 ct), and spinel (0.032 ct).

“Dragonfly” (1,050,000 JPY) uses diamonds (0.344 ct) and ruby ​​(0.269 ct).

“Star Sign” (735,000 JPY) uses diamonds (0.500 ct).

“Ladybug Ruby” (577,500 JPY) uses rubies ​​(0.271 ct) and diamonds (0.038 ct).

“Ladybug Sapphire” (577,500 JPY) uses sapphire (0.282 ct) and diamonds (0.036 ct).

“Honeybee” (472,500 JPY) uses diamonds (0.141ct).

Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_nov2015

Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_nov20152

Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_03

Sailor Gieml Diamond 925 Silver Fountain Pen Star Character_6m4136_s

Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_c527605aGimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_660Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_i-img1200x861-1531735942r4cnnp540576Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_i-img1200x1023-1531735938pizyyi527106Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_i-img1200x1160-1531735948h184wp525634Gimel Sailor Diamond Fountain Pen_i-img1200x1038-1531735930nmkfuq540622

Gimel x セーラー万年筆 ― 時を超える美しさ
Archive / セーラー ギメル ダイヤ 925 万年筆 輝きの森シリーズ 星文字
新製品情報 – 文マガ セーラー万年筆、5250万円の宝飾万年筆発売!ギルメと共同開発

Newest release from Sappli.—Vega and Altair

The newest LE Sailor Sappli. follows their usual stars theme. See the other Sappli LEs here.

サプリ オリジナル万年筆 第4弾「ベガ」「アルタイル」_01サプリ オリジナル万年筆 第4弾「ベガ」「アルタイル」_02サプリ オリジナル万年筆 第4弾「ベガ」「アルタイル」_03

Vega, Altair
Price: ¥ 33,000 (including tax)
Release date: Saturday, August 17th, 2019
Limited number: 50 pcs each
Nib type: 21k gold, large size
Nib finish: two-tone
Nib size: EF, F, MF, M, B
Metal parts: (Vega) Gold plated finish, (Altair) Nickel chrome plating finish
Ring features an original stamp “SINCE 2012 SAPPLI.”
Type Converter & Cartridge
Body size: φ18 x 129 mm (including the clip)
Body weight: 21.6 g
Can be used with a cartridge or a converter. Comes with two black ink cartridges, manual, warranty.


Ikebukuro Seibu is a department store in Tokyo, Japan. They have released 5 limited edition Sailor fountain pens to date. The 5 LEs share the same cream coupled with pastel colors.

Post last updated February 22nd, 2020.

Vanilla Mint
Release Date: 2016/09/03
Limited number of 50. Each pen is numbered on the barrel.

Orange Sorbet
Release Date: 2017/08/02
Limited number of 88. Each pen is numbered on the barrel.

Strawberry Milk
Release Date: 2018/01/10
Limited number of 88. Each pen is numbered on the barrel.

Grape Moussu
Release Date: 2018/10/05
Limited number of 88. Each pen is numbered on the barrel.

Melon Cream Soda
Release Date: 2020/01/15
Limited number of 88. Each pen is numbered on the barrel.

All 5 pens share the same specs:

Nib type: Nib 14K
Nib finish: Rhodium plating
Metal parts: Nickel chrome finish
Nib size: EF, F, MF, M, B
Body size: 17.5 × 135㎜(including the clip)
Price: 15,000 + tax (each)

Sailor Cocktail Series Europe Exclusive—White Russian

Sailor Cocktail Series Europe Exclusive White Russian

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Cocktail White Russian Fountain Pen (L.E.)

The Sailor Professional Gear Slim White Russian is part of the Cocktail Series and is based on the White Russian cocktail, which is a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream served with ice in an old fashioned glass. Conceived in 1949 when Gustave Tops, a Belgian barman, created the cocktail in Hotel Metropole in Brussels.

The edition of 500 pens is an Europe exclusive edition. The 14 karat gold nib enhances this Sailor Professional Gear Slim size model to perfection. The fountain pen uses the cartridge/converter filling system. (Info from La Couronne du Comte)


Disclaimer: The above links are results of a Google search. I’ve never purchased anything from the above retailers.

Angel’s Delight—The 2019 Release of the Sailor Cocktail Series

Sailor Cocktail Series—Angel's Delight 2019 LEPrice: ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax)
Release date: September 25th, 2019
Limited number: 1500 pcs
Nib type: 21k gold, large size
Nib finish: two-tone
Nib size: MF, M
Metal parts: Nickel chrome plated finish
Body size: φ18 x 129 mm
Body weight: 21.6g

Where to buy?
The pen is for sale at NAGASAWA Pen Style DEN and Sankodo but it seems like you need to contact the store directly in order to purchase it. (If you live outside of Japan, you might consider hiring a shopping deputy service.) Click here to see a full line-up of The Cocktail Series.

Post last updated on September 2nd, 2019.

Sky Ocean—Newest release from KA-KU


Sky Ocean
Price: ¥16,200 including tax
Release date: February 21st, 2019 (Thursday)
Limited to 88
Nib: 14k gold, medium size
Nib finish: rhodium plate
Nib sizes: EF, F, MF, M, B
Body size φ17.5 x 135 mm
Metal parts are done in a nickel chrome plating finish.

KA-KU is a stationary chain located in southern Japan. There are locations in Fukuoka, Nara, and Osaka. KA-KU means “to write” in Japanese. See here for a list of other KA-KU LE Sailor pens.

Kingdom Note: Kyoyasai (Kyoto Vegetables)

Kingdom Note is a store in Tokyo which specializes in the buying and selling of writing utensils, as well as repair services. The Kyoyasai Collection is a joint venture by Kingdom Note and Sailor. It is inspired by vegetables from the Kyoto area. The series was originally released in 2016-2017, with six different colours. In early 2018, Kingdom Note announced the plan to re-released the original six colours, with an additional four new colours. See the re-release schedule here.

This post is incomplete—there are two more colours, yet to be released. Post last updated on March 9th, 2019.

Kingdom_Note_kyoyasai_lp_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 1st Edition <Summer>

Kingdom_Note_160925_akiyasai_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 2nd Edition <Autumn>

Kingdom_Note_fuyuyasai_LP_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 3rd Edition <Winter>

Kingdom_Note_haruyasai_LP_01Kingdom Note × Sailor “Kyoto Vegetables” 4th Edition <Spring>