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Review: Sailor Usagiya 2017 LE Touka


I must confess—I purchased Touka for admiration purposes only. Touka’s pearl pink shine is alluring in a way that I cannot refuse, even if it meant instant noodles for the remainder of the month. The rose gold plating in the metal parts also add an extra layer of softness. The 14k nib offers a slightly firmer hand which suits my heavy-handedness. (Not that I will be using this at work.)


桃花 – touka –
Peach Blossom
Limited to 160
Year: November 3rd, 2017
Price: 16,000 yen (excluding tax)
Nib: EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, MS
Size: Ø 17 × 124 mm
Metal part: pink gold plating finish
Cap / Barrel: PMMA resin / pearl pink
Other parts: PMMA resin / white

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Where to buy?

Usagiya is located in the Okayama prefecture, and as far as I know, they do not accept mail orders. Unless you hire an agent who can go into the stores to buy it for you, your second best bet would be Yahoo! Auctions. However, waiting for it to show up might take a very long while.

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I hope that this was a satisfactory review… Still trying to figure how to go about doing this.

Until next time!