Production Resumed on Sailor’s Specialty Nibs Naginata Togi and Cross Point Series

The production on Sailor’s Naginata Togi and Cross series had been on pause since December 2015, but Sailor had announced today that full production will resume on October 5th, 2018. The series will be completely revamped with a new look, feel, quality, and craftsmanship. There is also a slight price increase between 40~50% depending on the type:

Naginata Togi 25,000 yen → 50,000 yen
Naginata Togi Emperor 35,000 yen → 60,000 yen
Naginata Togi Concord 30,000 yen → 55,000 yen
Cross Point 45,000 yen → 70,000 yen
Cross Concorde 45,000 yen → 70,000 yen
Cross Music 50,000 yen → 75,000 yen
Naginatatogi Fun DE Mannen 25,000 yen → 55,000 yen

The new nibs are rumoured to be non-interchangeable with the old. We shall wait and see if the new price tag is worth it.

See the original Press Release PDF file by Sailor here.

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